2D animation is the art of creating movement in a two-dimensional space. This includes characters, creatures, FX, and backgrounds. The illusion of movement is created when individual drawings are sequenced together over time. One second of time is usually divided into 24 frames. Depending on the style of animation there can be as many as 24 unique drawings in one second of animation (24fps) or as little as two. Conventionally animation is done on “2s” meaning there is a drawing every 2 frames (12fps). This allows artists to save on production time/costs and gives 2D animation its unique look.

2D video development marketing statics:

  • Google is 53 times more likely to discover your website if your front page includes a content-related video.
  • If your website includes a video(s), your organic search traffic is more likely to increase by 157%.
  • A marketing video can attract up to 300% more traffic and possible leads.
  • A video on your landing page can give your conversions an 80% boost.
  • Approximately, 50% of viewers search for a product and service-related video online before they decide to purchase.
  • 65% of online researchers visit a brand website and 39% call the brand after watching their videos.
  • 52% of marketers claim that video content can generate the best ROI.
  • On average, viewers would spend 2.6x more time on a webpage that has a video than on a page without one.
  • Video marketing is expected to hold 82% of the internet traffic this year.
  • If a webpage has textual and visual content, 72% of viewers will prefer watching the video to understand a product or service.
  • Viewers understand the topic 95% from the video and 10% from the text.
  • 92% of viewers share interesting videos among their circle.
  • Due to social media video posting, 93% of marketers converted their leads into sales.
  • 64% of social media users make a purchase after watching a branded social video.
  • Twitter generates 90% of video views through mobile devices.
  • LinkedIn video campaigns have 50% view rates.
  • Video-based social media posts generate 48% more views.
  • 45% of Twitter users prefer watching videos from their favourite celebrities.
  • 85% of Facebook videos are watched without turning on the sound and 60% of Instagram videos are watched with the sound on.

How does this impact business around the globe?

2D animation is the best way to entice your audience. These videos are just immersive and super engaging. The vibrant, dynamic, and vivid colors combined with stunning visuals and characters create a mesmerizing representation of a product, service, or brand. When used for marketing purposes, 2D animations can persuade customers and influence buying decisions. A 2D animation is a great tool for standing out from the crowd. Animating a story allows you to do things you couldn’t manage with a live-action video, which means animated video can be useful in showing the ins and outs of a product or explaining a health and safety video in a punchier and more engaging way.

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